The Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Workshop Series (WS) has the purpose of encouraging students and professors to learn about topics that spike creativity and innovation as well as creating an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset. Our main goal is to empower students and professors to become business erudite to serve as a complement for their professional careers. Every month a new talk and/or workshop will be given covering topics such as: Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Product Market Fit, Financing Sources, Intellectual Property, among other innovation management topics that compliment existing courses. After completing the I&E WS, participants will be familiarized if not dominating the topics provided by the program, help and mentor others to accomplish their entrepreneurial endeavors, and become a champion of our I&E ecosystem. This initiative is part of an alliance between Idea Platform, Pathways to Innovation, the Center for Business and Economic Development and the Research Academy for Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at UPRM
Resource: Dr. Ubaldo M. Córdova

August 30, 2016 @ 10:30am-12pm (Location: AE 242)

The goal of the UPRM Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is to transform the educational experience of students to foster positive attitudes towards innovation and promote the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. Our commitment to this involves adaptations to curriculum and course sequencing, roll out of co- and extracurricular offerings, modification of supporting infrastructure and development of operating policies. The ecosystem has achieved many successes in a short period of time and created a road map for campus change.

“Pitching” for Entrepreneurial Competitions
Resource: Dr. José M. Romaguera

September 13, 2016 @ 10:30am-12pm (Location: Figueroa Chapel)

Pitching is an important tool/skill for reaching agreement, and agreement can yield many good outcomes including sales, partnerships, and new hires. In this workshop, the art of “pitching” will be presented, primary to help entrepreneurs be persuasive in entrepreneurial competitions and other funding opportunities.

Design Thinking
Resource: Dr. José Lugo

September 27, 2016 @ 10:30am-12pm (Location: Starting Point – Makerspace / 1st Floor Student Center)

This workshop will introduce the Design Thinking methodology used by designers and many other professionals to solve complex problems, and find desirables solutions for clients. Design Thinking draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be, and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user (the customer). The workshop will focus in the methodology steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. This methodology has been applied by companies like P&G, Apple, and Google.

Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Product Market Fit
Resources: Dr. Moraima De Hoyos, Dr. José Vega, Dr. Mari Luz Zapata

October 15, 2016 @ 8:30am-3pm (Location: Sala Eugene Francis, Physics Building)

The BMC workshop aim to show participants a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that allow them to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot a business model. The goal is to teach them the basic things that they needs to have clear of their innovative idea before consider start a business. In the workshop on Value Proposition, a discussion on how to make attractive to costumers an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product will be provided, including tools and examples. The Product Market Fit workshop explains how to develop a company in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.

Sources of Funding for Startups
Resource: Sr. Roberto Irizarry

January 31, 2017 @10:30am-12:00pm (Location: GRIC / Library Building)

The aim of this workshop is to see the different alternatives available for entrepreneurs to finance their startups. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each one, with emphasis on the most modern and less traditional sources.

Intellectual Property
Resource: Prof. Gladys López

February 23, 2017 @10:30am-12:00pm (Location: Room B / Library building)

The Workshop will be covering: What is intellectual property?. Different types of intellectual properties. How to patent an invention. At what time of the investigation should we think of intellectual property. How innovation becomes a marketable product.

Resource: Dr. José Vega

March 2, 2017 @10:30am-12:00pm (Location: GRIC / Library Building)

The crowdfunding workshop will expose participants to identifying the elements of a successful crowdfunding pitch to raise funds for implementation of their social or business venture.

Resource: Sra. Glennys Rivera, MBA

April 4, 2017 @10:30am-12:00pm (Location: GRIC / Library Building)

The aim of this workshop is to learn about the government permits that applies in Puerto Rico to start a business operation. Also, knowing the costs of permits and where to apply.

Design for Customer Discovery some practical recommendations
Resource: Dr. Sayliisse Davila, Assistant Professor

March 28, 2017 @10:30am-12:00pm (Location: AE 203 A, B, C)

This workshop will focus on the dynamic process of customer discovery that will impact the validation process of your business idea.

Equity Crowdfunding: new financing option for emerging companies
Resource: Ricardo Castellanos Beras, (CCFP) Certified Crowdfunding Professional

April 27, 2017 @10:30am-11:45am (Location: AE 203 A, B, C)

In this conference you will get information on how to get investors from all over the world for your company. It is a tool that former President Obama pushed for its democratizing effect:

“… (Equity) Crowdfunding is the democratization of capital, it may have taken 80 years to get here but it will quickly change the world of business finance” – President Obama


Team leaders of Idea Platform that completes at least 11 workshops or seminars will obtain a leadership certificate and the necessary training to mentor students in their early stages of accelerating their ideas into business opportunities. To obtain the leadership certificate, please contact


Faculty participating of the I&E WS will obtain professional development hours (CEP hours). Those that complete at least 11 workshops or seminars will obtain a certificate on entrepreneurial mentorship issued by the Center for Business and Economic Development and invited to become a Faculty Innovation Fellow at UPRM. To obtain the certificate, please contact the Center.

To register to these events, please visit the registration page at For questions, contact or In case of technical issues with registration, please contact exts. 3829, 3674 or